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Our Staff
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At Buehler Home, our exceptional team is one of our most valuable assets. Their commitment and dedication to service has helped us earn a reputation that is second to none.

Rich Amberg, Chief Executive Officer
We do whatever it takes to serve our residents.
For three generations, Rich Amberg’s family has maintained Buehler Home as the welcoming, comfortable and secure lifestyle it has been known for since 1932. Rich continues this tradition by promoting a sense of community and extended family. He hires the best talent and inspires his leadership team to always make decisions that improve the level of service to residents. In addition, Rich makes it his business to be involved with every potential resident through the exploration process, from their initial inquiry through move-in.


Mike Mahoney, Chief Operating Officer
Personality and character are what make Buehler Home special.
As Chief Operating Officer, Mike is in the business of compassion. He brings it to bear every time he sits down with a resident to answer financial questions, resolve a computer issue, or listen to concerns. Mike is keenly aware of what the residents want and makes every effort to satisfy their requests, with the ultimate goal of creating an atmosphere that feels like home.


Amanda Chambers, Director of Sales and Marketing

The fourth generation and first female to join the ranks.
After graduating from college with a degree in marketing, Amanda joined the team as the fourth generation Amberg to help operate Buehler Home. “My great-grandfather, Louis E. Amberg, Sr. was the first president of this community when it opened in 1932. Then my grandfather took over in 1966 and my father, Rich Amberg, became president in 1996. I’m the fourth generation and first female to join the ranks. It’s very exciting to launch my career here and continue our tradition of superior service for today’s older adults.” After leaving home and attending college at the University of Missouri, Amanda realized how important being near family is to her. Having grown up around Buehler Home, working at the community was like reconnecting with her extended family. “What I love most about my position is educating people about their options and helping them find the best fit for their particular situation. The Buehler Home lifestyle offers some extraordinary benefits at an amazing value!”


Shirlee Sparks, Director of Resident Services
Our residents and their loved ones are like family to us.
Shirlee has been a part of the Buehler Home tradition since the 1970’s, when her father worked in the community as a maintenance man. She loves her job, and her experience as a registered nurse gives her a greater understanding of each resident’s needs. After seeing the level of care her mother received as a resident, Shirlee hopes to retire here one day herself.


Bill Leeper, Dining Service Manager
This is a labor of love for me.
It is a known fact that senior living continues to evolve more and more into world of hospitality, and the one area feeling the greatest impact of this trend is dining services. “At Buehler Home, we are moving to a restaurant style dining experience that includes our casual Bistro, open seating, as well as our traditional dining room. Our menus have also expanded…greater variety, integrating more seasonal, farm fresh ingredients and listening to trends towards more heart healthy options.” Bill brings over 35 years of experience in the food and beverage industry to Buehler Home. “What I really enjoy about dining services at Buehler Home is the personal nature of connecting with our residents, getting to know their likes, dislikes, and personal preferences. When they are happy with their dining experience, I know I’ve succeeded!”


Sallea Marble, Dietary Service Manager
Our goal is to consistently deliver superior service as well as delicious food.
With over 25 years of experience in long-term care dietary service and extensive training in hospitality, Sallea brings an unparalleled combination of expertise to Buehler Home’s dining services. “Meal times are about more than just food. It is people coming together for conversation and companionship. Every meal is an opportunity for our staff to enhance the resident’s experience and enrich their lives. We are committed to delivering top notch service and strive to keep improving our performance.”


Nancy Johnson, Director of Environmental Services
We look for every opportunity to say “Yes, I can”.
Clean, attractive and safe. Those are the words that Nancy lives by in her role at Buehler Home. A part of the Buehler Home family for 16 years, Nancy plans to retire and eventually live here with her husband. From housekeeping to laundry to decorating, Nancy always has the residents and their safety in mind, and her holiday displays have earned Buehler Home the status of a local “must-see” in December.


Kim Estes, R.N., Director of Nursing
We deliver a quality of care that makes me proud.
Caring for others is something Kim has done for over 20 years and was her source of inspiration to become a nurse. After seven years in cardiac nursing and over six years working with senior adults, she is uniquely qualified to lead our nursing staff. Kim believes in looking beyond an individual’s medical needs to see the whole person; what motivates them and makes them feel good about life. She finds getting to know the residents and their families helps inspire her staff to provide the best care available.


Mary Clark, Director of Activities
Working with Buehler Home residents gives my life special meaning.
For 22 years, Mary has been sharing her infectious love of life with the residents at Buehler Home. Outings, exercise classes, celebrations, musical entertainment, travelogues and more; she and her staff provide life-enriching activities for the entire community. Mary loves her job and it shows. Every day, she helps all residents get the most out of life, spreading a smile wherever she goes.


Wayne Rafferty, Director of Maintenance & Security
This isn’t a business, it’s their home.
Wayne approaches his job as if he was working for his own family. He believes that the residents deserve the highest level of service whether his team is removing snow or doing electrical or plumbing repairs; “figure it out and fix it” is his motto. He takes a similar approach to security by offering a safe and friendly environment. Ultimately, his goal is to make the residents feel safe and sound in their home.